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Resilience is the trendy buzzword of the day. It’s a present business prerequisite. In the wake of COVID-19, each organization needs to have it, construct it and support it. Healthcare providers are not an exemption. Earnestly moving to scale to meet unprecedented conditions, they have a critical requirement for resilient frameworks to address surge care capacity.

Resilience is the trendy buzzword of the day. It’s a present business prerequisite. In the wake of COVID-19, each organization needs to have it, construct it and support it. Healthcare providers are not an exemption. Earnestly moving to scale to meet unprecedented conditions, they have a critical requirement for resilient frameworks to address surge care capacity. Also, the most effective way to guarantee safe and adaptable frameworks is by investing resources into a cloud migration for digital transformation – by taking advantage of the unlimited computing powering of public cloud services.

What might be perhaps the hardest truth of this unprecedented time – aside from the human anguish – is that the requirement for dynamic surge capacity won’t vanish when a vaccine is available. As the World Economic Forum (WEF) has said, we have entered a new era where the risk of future pandemics is high. This eternity changes the infrastructure expected to support shifting demands on innovation.

Cloud is the solution to systems resilience/strength

The public cloud-based platforms offer the frameworks resilience that medical and healthcare providers need to support digital transformation and operations under extreme disturbance, flexing to address exceptionally volatile customer demand and overseeing tremendously increased needs for remote network access.

Providers long viewed investing resources in the public cloud SaaS models as an unsafe and risky business due to security concerns. However, throughout recent years, many have started their cloud venture floated by other enterprises, and research institutions embrace its “deny by default” security pose and, in particular, boundless opportunities for innovation.

There couldn’t be an ideal time for this. An investment in systems resilience by employing the cloud is an investment in business enablement. A resilient innovation infrastructure increases or down on-demand based on constant real-time changes to support care volume fluctuation. It distinguishes traffic spikes and automatically adjusts its ability to drive responsiveness with new expense efficiencies.

This is the way cloud-based platforms are great for the “now” of surge capacity and the “next” of the business of healthcare:

Cloud handles patient data

Health frameworks can deal with large waves of patient information over time by utilizing cloud databases and storage services that continuously ingest information with low latency to other digital transformations that inquiry and examine those equivalent clinical datasets. In addition, the cloud gives a platform and an execution engine for advanced digital health tracking between medical gadgets and EHR applications taking advantage of similar analytic execution engines and virtual information exchanges.

Cloud advances populace health management

Healthcare associations can advance social determinants of health (SDOH) data procedures by looking beyond effective population segmentation to utilize case-based, data-explicit efforts focusing on communities. In addition, associations can fabricate a cloud-native digital platform that consolidates population data, third-party data, SDOH data and data from patients to develop more safeguard and customized interventions.

Cloud-based platforms empower new workforce models

The pandemic has placed unfathomable strains on the healthcare workforce, including patient-confronting and back-office roles. With a cloud-powered ability management platform, suppliers can bring new adaptability to how assets are utilized, which is particularly critical at times of peak demand. With a “liquid” way to deal with roles and teams, they can pool assets as the need should arise, putting the ideal individuals on the right work at the ideal time.

Cloud upholds better approaches for delivering care

Telehealth made its mark in the early weeks of the pandemic due to legitimate need. Demand for telehealth is anticipated to take off by 64.3% in the US in 2020. This leaves healthcare providers with unbending infrastructures battling to stay aware of the demand. With virtual health services a cornerstone of the new future of healthcare, ill-equipped infrastructures are not a choice. With deft cloud-native services assembled into a responsive platform, providers can deliver surge capacity in hours, not days or weeks.


The cloud SaaS model is about building surge care capacity today as it’s worth cultivating long haul business transformation. The business benefits are far-reaching – from interoperability across the healthcare framework to adaptable consumption models and the possibility to decrease capital expense outlays while keeping a more flexible IT environment. The more healthcare providers perceive this “long tail” of their investments in the cloud, the better they are to fight the virus with resilience that endures.

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