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Technology is enhancing. New approaches and methodologies are arising, making our jobs easy. At the same time, enormous data is building across various IoT devices. Significant operations concerning the data, including data storage and data science techniques are finding improvements.

Technology is enhancing. New approaches and methodologies are arising, making our jobs easy. At the same time, enormous data is building across various IoT devices. Significant operations concerning the data, including data storage and data science techniques are finding improvements.

On the other hand, more data is at the disposal either internally or externally so that businesses can use them to gain better insights. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning techniques have enhanced data analysis. Thus, the primary need lies in studying and understanding how these technologies work and generate results.

 Top Data Science Techniques

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Most of the future operations are set to work on Artificial Intelligence. The source behind such a magnificent rise of the need lies with Natural Language Processing (NLP) designed to understand, analyze and communicate as humans use the natural human language.

NLP is the technology behind smart devices, voice to text translation, online searches, etc. NLP’s main intention is to ease human communication with technology

Google search responds to your voice, which is similar to how you communicate with your fellow human being to find out any details. Gone are the days when you need to build complex queries to make the machines understand what we intend to say. Just talk to them, and you are ready with the responses.

NLP’s role in data analytics is significant. You just say ‘’Give me the report on the top trending technologies in the current market?” And you obtain results with the slightest ease.

Code-free Interactive dashboards

Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning play a significant role in surpassing static dashboards, wherein the data retrieval happens manually. However, with the result of technologies and tools developed for non-coders, things have turned more user-friendly.

Blockchain system

Blockchain enables transparency and data security. Moreover, it is an open-source system. Thus, any individual or business can gain the best advantage from it. Primarily, what it requires is to have a vast infrastructure set up. Later, the implementations turn quick and grow multi-fold to avail oneself of its best advantages.

Augmented analytics

Augmented analytics use AI and Machine Learning techniques for automatic data creation and foresee the users’ requirements by enhanced data analytics. Augmented analytics enables humans to deal with data analysis programs and makes sure that the data is readily available to go through the analysis.

Even with the help of AI and ML technologies, one can find that data scientists are spending significant time cleaning and preparing the data for analysis. However, augmented analysis helps overcome such problems by automating manual tasks.

X Analytics

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics are being optimized to perform data analysis. However, particular uncertainty lies concerning the kind of new data. Data takes various shapes such as videos, audio files, images, text, etc. Each of these derives useful use cases. Also, with the changing trends, it is essential to establish a good relationship with the customers and manage their data well.

Analytics in real-time  

The future of the data is on cloud-enabling anywhere anytime accessing the applications. With the significant development of AI and ML technologies,  their processing speed is also increasing for real-time data management.


Accessing data from the cloud has turned into a necessity. Also, the advanced AI and ML systems have enabled  SaaS access to the required.


The above-mentioned details have talked about the efficiency of the AI, ML, and NLP technologies in any organization’s workflow. The advantages derived from its usage are enormous.

Right from data storage analysis to decisions, the complete flow reduces manual effort and saves time and effort. So, it is time to implement these advanced technologies and derive the best advantages.

To meet the requirement, ONPASSIVE’s AI provides O-Counting, a SaaS financial accounting tool for your business, and O-Desk, a CRM tool to gain refined data analytics.

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