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Lady Gaga’s 18 Hottest & Most Outrageous Performance Looks Of All Time

Look out little monsters — we’re looking back at Lady Gaga’s best, most outlandish, and quintessentially Gaga performance looks of all time! From the 2010 Monster Ball Tour, to her Royal Variety performance, and more!

Lady Gaga has never been adverse to shock and awe when it comes to her other-worldly performances and costumes. With her forthcoming album, Chromatica, set to serve disco and pop excellence, we’re looking back at some of Gaga’s best fashion moments on the stage. From her avant-garde costumes to her art deco styles and shapes, Gaga never fails to impress her fans and leave her little monsters wanting more!

There’s no denying that one of the zaniest chapters of Gaga’s career was her Monster Ball phase. The Grammy-winner, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 34, kicked off the Monster Ball by inviting all of her fans to come as they were and letting their freak flags fly! For her part, Gaga wore a plethora of wigs, bodysuits, and even looked like a disco ball from time to time! Sometimes, Gaga would go the extra mile, covering herself in body paint while singing her hit songs like “Paparazzi,” “LoveGame,” and “Poker Face.”

One of our favorite looks the singer showed off in concert was this bubble dress! Gaga sported the look during her May 2009 concert in an intimate Australian church set for only 150 attendants. Gaga sat in front of her piano, also decked out with bubbles, and crooned away while having an exchange with her fans. Beneath the orbs that wrapped around the singer’s body, she wore a flesh-colored leotard, black fishnet stockings and a pair of translucent heels.

Since her days at the Monster Ball, Gaga’s style has gone through a total transformation. Her albums that followed — Born This WayArtpop, and Joanne — completely took Gaga’s look into new directions. Even during her time promoting her Oscar-winning film, A Star Is Born, the singer and actress took on a whole new persona. But we love looking back at these images and relishing her impeccable style and fun. To see more of Lady Gaga’s hottest performance looks, check out the gallery above!

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