There is a good deal of buzz around the word “brand,” as it is among the most valuable assets of the marketing aspect of your business. You can encash significant profits and acquire new followers with the right branding strategy. Moreover, a great personal brand helps you in creating credibility and consistency.

There is a good deal of buzz around the word “brand,” as it is among the most valuable assets of the marketing aspect of your business. You can encash significant profits and acquire new followers with the right branding strategy. Moreover, a great personal brand helps you in creating credibility and consistency. Thereby, you can strengthen your position in the market. But how would you create a brand? And more essentially, how would you express yourself authentically through your personal brand.

This blog brings in four tips that help you build a solid personal brand. Read through the blog to know more.

1. Begin with developing self-awareness

Self-awareness should be at the core of your personal branding, says Eric Feng, a celebrated global speaker. Before the encounter of a global pandemic, Eric was rigorously traveling the world. While traveling, he took an opportunity to mentor salespeople and entrepreneurs on utilizing social media to gain paying customers without running ads.

During this time, Eric realized the role of self-awareness in personal branding. You will need to find out what makes your followers feel ready and excited to do business with you. Once you know these attributes, you can make most of them; thereby attract more followers.

To begin with, communicate with your best clients. Ask them why they specifically considered you for doing business. Look for common factors that made them like your work. Enlist them and focus on the top five. Once you recognize your top best qualities, you can strengthen them and boost your personal brand.

2. Reinforce your online presence

Yeo Shi Yuan, a corporate legal counsel and global business partner, discovered the value of personal branding when he started engaging more actively with his followers on social media. He established his persona online by sharing his life stories and offering his views on recent events. By that, he could interact with people from different parts of the world, those who have experienced similar experiences in their life.

He shared posts that talk openly about his experiences of getting bullied at school and the challenges he faced while working as a corporate lawyer. People who felt connected with his experiences and others who liked his authentic expression became his followers. Reinforcing his personal branding on social media helped him being aware of how people perceive him. Also, he received the support and motivation required for coping with his challenges.

3. Connect to your audience

Sara Blakely, the founder of successful apparel company SPANX, is among TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. She could have become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire with her focus on a central mission, i.e., supporting women worldwide to feel great about themselves and their caliber.

She has added a bit of comfort to women’s clothing style. Through her business, she could create an impact by connecting with her audience. As the world changes, she says that you will need to adapt, find out what your audience needs, and reconnect.

4. Networking

This one is huge. An internationally-known businesswoman, author, speaker, and famous TV personality, Barbara Corcoran, emphasizes the importance of networking. She attributes her success to networking.

According to her, interpersonal skills are crucial for networking. Every relationship or association that matters to you needs time to develop. Allow some time to let such relationships develop and grow. Take part in different types of networking events and be open to meet new people. Show interest in others, and connect with them. Thereby; build an association based on mutual benefit. And most importantly, cherish your authenticity because that’s how you create a connection with others.


While the importance of personal branding is of high-value, you will need to strengthen it to create an impact and grow your connection. This blog has discussed four tips on cultivating your own personal brand. Take help of these points and create a strong personal brand. Thereby, grow both as a person and as a business.

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