Heidi Klum appeared blissfully serene in a series of gorgeous black and white nude selfies posted to her Instagram page on May 28.

Heidi Klum, 46, is looking better than ever! The Supermodel took to Instagram Thursday to share some sexy selfies with her fans. In the artistic shots she pouts for the camera and shows off her bare bum as she lounges in the streaming sunshine.

Heidi is make-up free in the jaw-dropping pics, which can be seen HERE. And, although she’s totally clothing free in the stunning shots, she isn’t totally without adornment. She’s wearing two delicate diamond necklaces to compliment her flawless features.

There’s no sign of the America’s Got Talent host’s husband, Tom Kaulitz, 30, but he’s often featured on her feed. In their most recent pic together, which included Tom’s twin brother Bill Kaulitz, they caused a commotion by baring their bellies to brag about their “food babies.” While it seems pretty likely Heidi was joking, some fans jumped at the possibility that newlyweds might actually be teasing a pregnancy.

While it is possible that Heidi could be expecting, as HollywoodLife previously reported, the blonde beauty and her new rocker husband aren’t planning on procreating. “Right now, they’re perfect with the love they have for each other and the life they’ve built together,” our source explained after their 2019 wedding. “Having kids isn’t going to dictate their future or relationship one bit.”

If Heidi and Tom don’t end up having a child together they won’t be missing out because she’s already got four beautiful kids. Heidi’s oldest daughter, Leni, who she had with ex, Flavio Briatore, is now sixteen. She also shares three kids with her ex-husband, Seal, who she was married to from 2005 until 2012. They have two sons Johan, 13, and Henry, 14, as well as a daughter — Lou, 10. It should be noted that Seal adopted Leni in 2009, as well.

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