There are 6.3 billion smartphone users across the globe today. Thus, the escalating growth taking place in the mobile industry is not surprising anymore. If you already have developed a fully functional mobile app, then now is the next big thing you have to work towards: marketing.

There are 6.3 billion smartphone users across the globe today. Thus, the escalating growth taking place in the mobile industry is not surprising anymore. If you already have developed a fully functional mobile app, then now is the next big thing you have to work towards: marketing!

It doesn’t matter how efficient your mobile app is, and if you do not market it well, you won’t gain anything significant.

It is rightly quoted by Milan Kundera, “Business has only two functions-marketing and innovation.” Without necessary marketing, your business won’t have a required opening. This blog will highlight a few guidelines that will help you get started with mobile app marketing.

Guidelines for marketing your mobile app

It is a prerequisite to define your target audience with any form of marketing, be it social media marketing, digital marketing, or content marketing. Once you find out whom you are targeting, you can develop the best approaches to reach them.

To reach your target audience, you will need to assess their in-app behavior. Thereby, you can make necessary modifications and optimize the buyer’s journey to your advantage.

1. Opt for the AIDA principle

AIDA stands for Awareness/Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You can attract the audience if you build develop brand awareness. For that, you will need to master the brand topic, deeply understand the brand messaging, and then decide the best positioning.

What is AIDA?

A-Attention: What is the product is all about?

I-Interest: I like this product.

D-Desire: I want this product.

Action: I’m going to get this product.

Consider using the AIDA model for designing and distributing marketing messages at each stage of the buyer’s journey of your target audience.

2. Employ the strategy of reverse positioning

The primary objective of reverse positioning is to enable brand awareness or customer appreciation rather than make the buyer purchase your product.

Building the brand value is of prime importance. However, selling the features of your product or making the buyer buy your product comes after that. The features should be unveiled later to create a buzz in the market. The basic idea behind this is to make them curious and keep them engaged by not letting them know everything in advance.

By defining the brand position, you also help users to connect with your product.

Thus, instead of focusing entirely upon product features, try to connect with your target audience with the core values of your product.

3. Prepare yourself well in advance for the launch day.

Pay keen attention to the probable contingencies you may encounter way before the launch day. As Apple stores have a stringent review policy in place, you might end up delaying your release date if you ignore emergent mishaps.

Also, analyze and identify which seasonal campaigns may work for the launch of your mobile app.

4. Get to know the user persona of your target audience.

Carry out extensive market research and identify the key concerns of your audience, challenge them to refine their interest, and then tap into their desires and offer them the best.

A user persona characterizes your ideal customer that consists of details on their background, demographic information, interests, and preferences.

You might receive multiple types of users. Thus, you need to map out individual user journeys unique to different users.

5. App Store Optimization

It has been found that nearly 65% of apps are discovered directly from a search in the App Store.

App Store Optimization is the same as that of Search Engine Optimization. However, you optimize your App Store page to gain a higher ranking in search results instead of a website page. It depends upon the ranking of your app. Higher the ranking, the higher the visibility. Ultimately, higher rates of conversions.


While you work on marketing your mobile app, ensure that you edify your content in such a way that it resonates with your target audience. Engage them, ask them for feedback, and offer them fresh features.

Mobile app marketing is all about engaging, refining, and surprising your users.

The objective of mobile app marketing is not just to market your app but also to retain your conversions through enriched user experience and customer service.

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