The modern business world is witnessing revolutionary automation practices. The field of customer support is no exception. By automating customer support, companies can deliver a speedy and convenient omnichannel experience.

The modern business world is witnessing revolutionary automation practices. The field of customer support is no exception. By automating customer support, companies can deliver a speedy and convenient omnichannel experience.

Some consider email an outmoded channel in the crowd of SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat. Nevertheless, email is among the most popular digital platforms, with 54% of users availing of customer service through emails. This fact is reinforced further by Netomi Research Team findings. They have found that 47% of users take the resort of emailing for raising any issue or question.

By employing email bots, your business can minimize support costs, enhance the customer experience and develop long-term customer relationships.

Let’s discover how email bots work and why support teams should avail of AI on the email channel.

Email bot

An email bot is a component of the customer service automation toolkit. It gives a speedy response to issues and questions sent in via email. An email bot can deliver customized responses that suffice your customer’s needs as it uses an existing knowledge base, the power of AI, and some contextual analysis. Your support team can work with an email bot to generate speedy and accurate messages.

How do email bots respond to complex and repetitive support queries?

While emails are comparatively more extended and complex, they are typically drafted around specific contexts. However, the technological advancements in the form of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing offer AI systems the ability to decode the complex intent of email exchanges. Thus, AI can quickly respond to repetitive support queries.

Mature email bots are advanced to the extent that they can extract context and respond sensitively and precisely to non-trivial queries like order status, upgrades, returns, and more.

Customers don’t usually expect to have real-time interaction with companies over email. This expected latency enables the AI email bot to deliver even more accurate and precise responses.

Why deploy an email bot for customer support?

Emailing as a support channel is relevant, fast, and convenient. It’s easy to access and operate across all devices.

Thus, companies should not discard the use of email channels. Emails bots are reliable and efficient in resolving the highly repeatable customer support emails automatically. With the help of these bots, companies can send out thousands of responses per minute.

Should customers know it’s an email bot interacting with them?

Email bots extract data from CRM and back-end business systems to deliver personalized support just like AI chatbots. While an email bot can offer a human-like experience while catching up on sentiment, it should never imitate humans or try to pass on as a human. Nevertheless, email bots should develop a seamless approach to escalate a customer to a human agent based on factors like customer profile status.

The way forward

In the crowd of social media messaging like WhatsApp, Messanger, WeChat, email has maintained its significance as it is a go-to option for customers of all ages. Thus, companies need to invest in automating emails with AI. Thereby, they can significantly minimize customer support costs. You can accelerate the pace of your business by serving your customers efficiently with the help of email bots.

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