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World Usability Day

In 2023, World Usability Day focuses on the theme of “Collaboration and Cooperation.” This theme highlights the importance of working together to guarantee the accessibility of web content to all users, especially those with disabilities.

This year’s theme highlights the necessity of collective efforts in making digital platforms inclusive and user-friendly for everyone, facilitating an environment where accessibility is a shared responsibility by emphasizing the power of collaboration.

Importance of World Usability Day

Over one billion people in our world experience some form of disability, which makes up about 15% of the population. This shows how technology is not accessible to several people, i.e., excluding almost three out of 20 people worldwide. This year’s theme focuses on working together to create solutions to make technology more usable for everyone around us. This day sims to educate people on the importance of usability to make technology more inclusive for everyone.

World Usability Day: A Brief History

It was in 2005 when the User Experience Professionals Association founded World Usability Day. Presently, it is celebrated every year on the second Thursday in November. The idea of usability was an ancient concept, and studies traced it back to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. The idea of user experience (UX) has evolved from this concept. It has come a long way with innovations like artificial intelligence (AI), universal design, voice user interfaces, and assistive technology.

Celebrate World Usability Day

  • Utilize Social Media

Educate your friends and followers about this day with the help of sharing tips and information on your social media channels. It is one of the easiest ways to reach a wider audience to get the word out.

  • Explore Accessibility Features on Smartphones

Learn about the accessibility features and apps on your smartphone. Explore them and take advantage of them yourself while showing others how to use them. It is the perfect time to learn about those features.

  • Attend an Event

There are several organizations that host events on or around World Usability Day. Check out which event is happening in your town. There are many events that offer to join virtually from anywhere around the globe. Join the events and be a part of the celebration.

ONPASSIVE Supporting Usability with Modern Technology

One of the leading IT companies, ONPASSIVE Technologies, always tries to develop products that can be leveraged by individuals and enterprises alike. It has created an excellent webmail solution, OMAIL, that has text-to-speech and speech-to-text features. These features are helpful for people to read and reply on the go. Additionally, people with disabilities can also avail these unique features with ease. Moreover, it also has a video mail feature that is helpful for people who want to get things done faster.

Apart from this tool is a fabulous social media platform, ONET. It has special features like blogs and podcasts that can help people find several features under one roof without going to different platforms.

OCONNECT is another superb web conferencing tool with various unique features for hosts, presenters, and participants. Its prompter feature is very useful for people to remember their lines while presenting their part in the webinar. It also has a real-time audio transcription, which can help participants communicate with each other despite their disabilities.

These are only a few of the products from ONPASSIVE that try to give its users guaranteed accessibility to modern technology.

Bottom Line

On the occasion of World Usability Day, you can honor product usability by educating people and measuring the influence of technology that has on their lives. This day highlights the impact of technology on our daily lives and promotes transparency by making fewer errors with the help of technology.

The continuous progress of technology has led to advancements in several fields, including communication, healthcare, transport, and finance, among others. Technology has helped us get access to quicker, more efficient ways of getting things done.

Visit www.onpassive.com to get access to cutting-edge technology and helpful products that make your life easier.

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