It has been seen that 74% of CRM users have seen improvement in their access to customer data because of the right CRM software. The right CRM software impacts the efficiency and productivity of an organization. And sales process automation is at the nucleus of a CRM’s overall effectiveness.

It has been seen that 74% of CRM users have seen improvement in their access to customer data because of the right CRM software. The right CRM software impacts the efficiency and productivity of an organization. And sales process automation is at the nucleus of a CRM’s overall effectiveness.

However, what is the purpose of sales process automation? It is typically executed to simplify the sales process. It minimizes the amount of manual and routine tasks that sales reps need to execute on a daily basis. Following are a few use cases of sales process automation in a CRM:

  • Salespeople usually spend one-fifth of their time each day on data entry. Sales process automation significantly minimizes this time.
  • It helps sales reps send out personalized emails to leads without the need to create content from scratch.
  • Automatically record all your interactions with customers and store them in a centralized database.

Analysis of customer data

It is crucial to identify where a particular customer stands in the buyer’s journey. CRM will help you with this analysis. Thereby, you can recognize trends in customer behavior and refine your sales and marketing tactics accordingly.

Once you are done with the analysis process, you can start automating your sales process in the CRM.

Marketing channel management

Sales process automation in your CRM can help your customers interact with your company the way they want. It spots opportunities to engage and guide prospects to move through the sales funnel.

It makes it possible for sales reps and marketers to interact effectively with customers via multiple channels, including text, email, website, and social media. In short, an automated sales process offers you a “360-degree view” of your potential customers.

Right ways to set up CRM sales automation

There is no one right way to set up sales process automation in your CRM platform. However, the following are a few common guidelines that businesses can consider following:

1. Segment your contact database to specific email lists

Consider separating your contact database into different segments based on common attributes like behavioral trends, past purchases, product interests, etc. Thereby, you can customize your email marketing approach and make it more personalized, targeted, and effective.

2. Start “welcome campaigns” for new customers

“Welcome email campaign” can be generated when an order is placed. It is to build relationships with new customers and retain them in return. You can send out an automated follow-up email the day after they placed an order or thank them with a special promotional offer.

3. Record all new entries

It’s critical to keep a record of all your customers. There might be a prospect who hasn’t purchased anything yet but has shown some interest in your business or a prospect who just has filled out a lead capture form. Still, you can set up your CRM system to record that entry.

4. Create reminders for your sales reps

It’s pretty natural for us as fellow human beings to forget an appointment or two occasionally. Your sales team is no exception. However, consider developing follow-up reminders for your sales team so that they won’t miss out on great opportunities.

Apart from that, your CRM software should integrate seamlessly with other sales tools. Thereby, it becomes easier for your reps to keep a tab on their messages within the system.

Sum up

As discussed in the blog, sales automation process automation in a CRM is nothing but streamlining and simplifying the work of your sales reps. You might need to invest some resources from the front end. However, when you set up automated processes in your CRM system, you will be able to see improved results.

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